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" . . . impossible to put down. Lin Kaymer's debut creates a beautiful world that mixes Greek mythology and the power of a true friend. You'll be itching to know . . . who is Mackie Spence?"

"I found myself thinking about this book long after I finished it, and see that as a good sign. The author managed to convey a strong sense of place, in this case the Northwest, with its damp mossy forest scents. The plot moves along at a good pace, keeping the reader engaged and wondering what will happen, and the romance between the two main characters seemed very genuine and not at all formulaic.

There are interesting themes threaded through the book, the main one asking the question 'is life ruled by self-will or fate?' I think the author pays close attention to detail, such as having Jeremy's grammatical inconsistencies go along with his reading difficulties. Teen and adult readers will enjoy this atmospheric book with its well-paced tale."


“Kaymer displays a wonderful talent for developing relationships with realism and ease…. [She] captures what it’s like to be a smart, emotionally stable, excitable teenager without resorting to tropes or archetypes.”

Kirkus Reviews

"Lin Kaymer's Mackie and Jeremy felt real to me. I hope she writes more about them soon! Her insight into animal behavior is stunning as is her respect for the care of animals in rehabilitation. She brings in an arcane piece of mythology that mixes well with her plot. As a nature, romance and fantasy lover, I am thrilled with this book . . ."

Lucy Tyson

"Wow. I encourage you to find out for yourself who Macke Spence is. This YA book is different in that its plot interweaves engaging characters with the unique - and stunning - landscape of Puget Sound and the extraordinary wildlife which inhabits this shared environment. This is my go to book for gifts in 2015."


“I’ve enjoyed fantasy novels for most of my life – especially those that involve animals. I am thoroughly enchanted with this book. Lin Kaymer has captured the innocence and intensity of youth and delivered a powerful tale of nature, mythology and magic. As a wildlife rehabilitator, I am also impressed by her understanding of the work and the people involved in wildlife rehab. This book is a keeper!”

Elena Fox
Certified Wildlife Rehabilitation Specialist
State of Washington

"Who Is Mackie Spence? offers teen readers a variety of worlds to enjoy: the always present rivalry and crushing between teens, a good view into animal rescue with exquisite details, and what communication is possible between humans and animals. Mackie Spence seems to have something that Jeremy and readers notice right away. The mystery and the relationship between Jeremy and Mackie carries the story along beautifully. By the end, we have had the pleasure of a teen novel that did not require a zombie to hold our interest.

Don't let the cover fool you - girls won't mind; take it off and feel confident in giving it to a male teen - they will both enjoy it immensely."

Barbara Clarke


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