dark water

Who Is Mackie Spence?

Merit Press Books/F+W Media
Publishes January 2, 2015
$17.99, Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-4405-8460-2
e-ISBN:  978-1-4405-8461-9


Growing up on Soltrice Island, Washington, sixteen-year-old Jeremy believes that empirical thinking is the best strategy for college-bound grades and superior sports performance. But his friend, Mackie Spence, has healing abilities that don’t fit the scientific model. How do wild animals at the Island Wildlife Shelter heal so quickly when she is around them?

Jeremy’s thinking evaporates when Mackie’s ex, Brody, taunts him. Then Mackie disappears, and Brody goes missing, too. To save the girl he loves, Jeremy struggles to accept possibilities beyond what he can prove, and comes closer to solving the puzzle of who is Mackie Spence? (Read an excerpt) (Reviews)

Who Is Mackie Spence? features:

  • Sixteen-year old boy narrator
  • Romance
  • Boys sports – esp. cross country running
  • Wild animal rehabilitation
  • Magical realism